FTP Access

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
FTP is the most dominant and dependable method of upload & download bulky file or high resolution files. There are no limitations and you can easily upload/download folder or files by FTP.

How can use FTP?

Simply you can download File FTP consumer software or Zilla via the internet and install your pc. There is huge collection of FTP consumer’s software available which you can use and most of them are FREE
Popular democratic FTP applications

1. File Zilla (Windows and MAC), Download Link Here!


2. Fetch (MAC), Download Link Here!


3. Fire FTP, Firefox user, Download Link Here!


4. Cyber Duck (MAC), Download Link Here!

If you require any query for using an FTP client, please go to google, yahoo, bing & search by keywords e.g. All of the using method available here.

FTP login system

 Before using FTP client, you must receive FTP access particular in the account of yours from us. Fast inform us for FTP access information. We will make your personal account to access information as soon as possible when we receive your application.

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