Photo Editing Tutorial

Learn How to Remove a Person by Photo editing:

Step 1
Exposed the photo “Waiting Woman”.

Make a new layer or (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N) and make a selection of the wall fronting us (usage either the Pen Tool or the Polygonal Lasso Tool).

Step 2
Usage Clone Stamp Tool to remove the woman. Because we have a selection, all the duplicating will be done inside the selection, without moving the rest of the image. Also, you should protect the selection because we will want it for later use. To save a selection, go to Select > Save Selection. 3.jpg
Step 3
Notice how shapes emerge again. You may be sophisticated that selecting the Clone Stamp tool and laboriously removing each pattern would be the result. No, I have a relaxed method and the name of that technique is the Patch Tool, which is perfect for this kind of effort. Choice the Patch tool and duplicate the layer on which you cloned.  4.jpg
This is how your layers should appearance (except for the names, as they alteration accordingly, to how many layers you have generated so far).5.jpg
Also, make sure that in the tool’s Selection Panel, you have the following settings:6.jpg
 Now generate an irregular selection on a decorated area and drag it somewhere on a moral area.7.jpg 
Lookout the magic, you will communication that Photoshop mixtures the area you selected with the area on which you pulled your selection. Making our patterned area is not so patterned anymore but combined into the overall chance of the wall. Recurrence the step above by tedious the selection a couple more times over other decent areas for a good outcome. Select another decorative area and repeat. Continue to do so until all the patterns are removed.8.jpg 

Step 4
Remember the saved selection? Load it and going to Select > Load Selection and invert it (Ctrl + Shit + I). Now with the help of Clone Stamp Tool, remove what is left of the lady’s knee and certain of her feet.

Step 5
And now is waiting for the treat. Select Filter > Vanishing Point. Touch (C) to select the Create Plane Tool and create a grid similar shown below.
 10.jpgNow press (S) to select the Stamp tool and start removing what is needed to left of the lady’s feet. Notification that the cloning is done in perception, according to the grid we previously shaped. Lower the opacity of the brush to attain better blending.

Step 611.jpgOk, almost done, time to advance the little flaws and inadequacies. Notice that how the corner of the wall is appearances fake because that’s where our selection finished.
 12.jpgTo accurate this select the Clone Stamp tool and click to select a source opinion as shown below, then click once at the base of the corner and Shift-click at the upper opinion of the corner.
I did some additional detail cloning and you can see my consequences below.

Final Image:

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