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Clipping path USA provides all kind of Photoshop services. We have more than 100 Professional graphic designer who will work for you. Don’t be confused Just try us now.

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We offer you to make the payment in a very easy way by using your Paypal, Credit or Debit Card.  Also monthly payment system for our regular customers is available.

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Welcome To Clipping Path USA

About Clipping path USA (CPUSA)Clipping Path USA (CPUSA) is a web based outsourcing service provider company which is also known as graphic designing house. We would like to provide many type of Photoshop services like Clipping path service,Image masking service, Drop shadow service, Image manipulation service, Mirror image reflection Service, Photoshop retouching service, Website image optimization service, Raster to vector conversion service.Clipping Path USA (CPUSA) is your actual Outsourcing associate for those services. We just believe in quality job, Our experienced graphic designers are waiting to finished your job successfully. Quality and time is also main fact for this sorts of services. We are able to provide high volume job in limited time. Now you can send your images through our client area. You can also give us an example image as your requirement. So told us that what you do you want on your image and we will finished those graphic designing for you and your company. We always try to make your product attractive through our designing. Our price is fixed for single image, But if you have high volume of image then you will receive discount from us. If you make your product attractive through our graphic designing services, then your sales will increase dramatically. Ecommerce site developers are our main client for this services. They receive .PNG format image from us. So we also provide you as your recommend format like .Jpg, .Png, .Psd or .Tiff format.

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24 hours online live support to make out service better. Now you can contact with us at any time.


Clipping Path USA (CPUSA) is a traditional Graphic Design house which is related set-up located at Dhaka (Purana Paltan) in Bangladesh and our US office is located in San Francisco. We employ a bunch of dedicated professionals with a few years of expertise within the field.We are an exceptional group of experienced, accomplished and focused Graphic Designers who are well known to Clipping Path, Photo Retouching, Photo Masking and possess outstanding material information and wish to offer premium service and swift turnaround time at a reasonable price.

Additionally,Clipping Path USA (CPUSA) provides different value added services to customize client’s need to facilitate gain competitive advantage. It offers best customer-support in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany at affordable price. We also receive USD, GBP and EURO as our payment method. Now you can make payment with your selectable method like Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Wire Transfer and Western Union.

  1. Send us your raw image
  2. Clipping path USA (CPUSA) will edit those without payment
  3. Now check the quality
  4. And Make payment after your satisfaction

Clipping Path USA is Specialized in

If you are looking for any sorts of photo editing services then Clipping Path USA (CPUSA) is your best solution. What photo action services you need for quality, quantity (small or large) or budget you have, Clipping Path USA (CPUSA) will handle all these and make your life so simple. Already we are success in our local market. We also provide many creative logo for our clients. Package designing, Leaflet, Brochure, poster,catalogue, book covers and magazine covers are mainly designed by us. So we use Adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator for those designing. We also provide tutorial of photoshop and illustrator as well. Creative designing has more value in this market, We can show our creative designing through our Image Manipulation and Photoshop Retouching services. Our main aim is to finished your task as your demand and client satisfaction.
Clipping Path USA is recently providing Clipping Path service, Image Masking service, Image Manipulation service, Photoshop Retouching service, Website Image optimization service, Mirror Image reflection service, Drop Shadow service, Raster to Vector Conversion service and Optimize Web image services.

Success behind Clipping Path USA

Clipping Path USA (CPUSA) is a traditional Graphic Design related set-up located at Dhaka in Bangladesh and its corporate office at Purana Paltan, the Pre-Press area. It is an Internet based outsourcing service of graphic design, clipping path, drop shadows, Image masking service, Image Manipulation service, Photoshop Retouching service, website image optimization service, prepress service and raster to vector conversion service. It is to be noted here that Bangladesh made tremendous developments in this sector. We have plenty of example of graphic designing on our website.

Why Choose Clipping Path USA

  • Only make payment when you satisfied
  • Quality and Low cost guarantee
  • Highly Secured System
  • Quotation provides in less than 30 minutes
  • Quick turnaround
  • Checked quality control by 3 steps
  • 24 hours online chat and email support
  • Easy and flexible ordering system, including upload/ download files
  • All types of photo action service available
  • Everyday huge amount of image processing capacity

We offer the following criteria

  • Free trial for quality assessment before sending a job.
  • More than 150 full time creative Photoshop professionals.
  • UK, Australia, Canada and USA based customer support.
  • 1-24 hour’s turnaround time.
  • High speed Internet dedicated and sizes (PSD, TIFF, JPG, etc.).
  • We are providing dedicated Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server.
  • Here 3-shift operation system, customers are satisfied for the office environment.
  • We are using Mac, OS (Linux & Windows)

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  1. We’ve FTP file transfer system available.
  2. Upload files through Dropbox
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  4. Upload files through Google Drive
  5. Or any other file transfer system you prefer.