Clipping Path Tutorial

Clipping path Tutorial – Easy Steps
Need to dispose of the background of a picture? Need another attractive background separated from the definitive one? Alternately just need unimportant whitening your sought picture? Clipping path is the most brilliant way for this sort of image manipulation artwork. Clipping path is an outline created around an image layout which allows you to remove a particular picture from its background.  I hope in short time, you will receive a clear idea that how to make clipping path in Photoshop. Just follow this easy step.
With the help of pen tool, you can easily select the layer of your desired image. Then try to cut out that part of the image which you don’t want in your picture.
Step 1:
Now open the picture in Photoshop that you need to do clipping path. Select pen tool from the Photoshop tool box or just press ‘p’. Now you have to zoom in on your image to take a clear selection of your picture.

Step 2:
With the help of pen tool start drawing the path area on your selected image which you want to apply clipping path.

Step 3:
In the wake of drawing the way on the border of your picture now is the ideal time to select to remove it in once more background. Now select the Paths to tab on the Layers palette.
A grayscale path will pop up name work path. Click on it with mouse and pressing Ctrl key simultaneously. Then your image path will be selected.

Step 4:
There are two to clip the image and remove the background. Now go to the select option at the top middle and then hit inverse and delete the background by pressing the ctrl key + select the path layer in your image and press delete.

Step 5:
An alternative way, you can basically copy the selective zone of the picture and create a new document and then click paste. It will provide you a brand new background of your image.
The last step is changing the background. Try to fill the background color or anything you like as your background on the white background.
Incredible! You completed the process of playing around clipping path.

Learn Where to Apply this Tutorial:
Products can be best highlighted and presented through the clipping path where needs correction or changing the color. Clipping path is touching every single visual promotional and communicative media in books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, e-commerce site, calendars, and poster product-packages and so on.
Who needs this type service?
Clipping path tutorial is not just for captivating oneself. In the business field, this procedure of is of great utilization.  Those webs and pre-press graphic design company need to ease their workloads and invest their valuable time in other creativity can outsource this all over the world. Digital photographers, online retailers, catalog agencies, showbiz or fashion houses, advertising agencies, owners of E-commerce website want this type of service astronomically.