There are so many ways of hair masking. Today we will share with you the easiest way of hair masking. Mainly Clipping path USA follows two methods of masking. It depends on the image that which method we will go for. Follow those step of image masking to mask your photo.

Image masking tutorial one: Basic Hair Masking

We make a Duplicate layer of this image (Ctrl+J). Now select quick selection tool to select that particular selection of your image. Drag a ruff selection of your image. After the selection click on REFINE EDGES on photoshop. You can select ON WHITE mode to work with it. Tik on Smart Radius and make Radius between 200 to 250 as your requirement. Again tik Decontaminate colors and put it on 100 and use Refine radius tool to remove the background from hair. Drag the location of hair for masking. You can change Smooth, feather, contrast, and shift as your requirement.

Out put to – new layer with layer mask. Go to the layer mask and take a white brush to make it more clear.