Image masking Service
Summary of Image masking: Image masking is most important for nische advertisement. Now you can easily mask your photos from Clipping path USA (CPUSA). Mainly we use best photo masking software to mask your photos. Photo face masking also known as Image masking, hair masking and photo face mask. We offer the best quality and low cost of Photoshop Image Masking services which really reliable for your organization. Image masking is a tricky job for graphic designer. You can find it on our tutorial page that how we make image masking for our client. Without high concentration, no one can able to make this sorts of masking. We have high profiled graphic designer for professional masking. In one sentence IMAGE MASKING means removing background form a complex image. Clipping path USA (CPUSA) is not concern about the quantity of image , because of our experienced graphic designer. So you can join with us without any hesitation. Mainly image masking applied on hair, feathers, lighting and fur.

Description of Image masking:
Photoshop image masking is defined as a mask which is a black and white image of the same size as the unique image. All of the pixels in the mask, there have a value of 0 (black) or 1 (white). In this way to mask your photos are can be done very easiest way. We provide those sorts of masking on white or transparent background. So transforming is major fact for image masking. Checkout this example above that what is going on before and after. Main object is permanent but the background is successfully delete from the raw image without hair.

Hair Masking

Types of photo masking

There are two types of photo masking
  1.    Layer mask: It is always resolution dependent bitmap images which are edited with the selection tool or painting tool. Photoshop Layer mask which is pixel depended and Clipping path USA (CPUSA) also provide layer mask tutorial. When you want to marge two or three object in one picture that is also layer mask. Suppose you want to add text behind main object that typed of image masking is also a part of layer masking. As your requirement, We can create a layer masking from more than 2 photos. You can provide us sample that what typed you want and we will create it that type for you.

  2.    Vector mask: Vector mask is a path that clips out the contents of the layer and is pixel independent.  Vector mask is also a part of Photo Face Masks service. It is resolution independent and images are created with a pen tool. Vector mask is show you the main path or object from your image. When you are thinking about vector mask, You have to know about all sorts of pen tool movement. For your vector mask, You can go to path tab on photoshop.

Process: At our tutorial part you can check it that how we make image masking for our clients. Now we are going to introduce with our image masking service.

Image Masking Starts from  US $ 3.00

Clipping Path USA (CPUSA) is to guarantee that each picture you send us is fulfilled to the most demanding guidelines. Clipping Path USA (CPUSA) furnish a picture covering administration for photographs that are not suitable for a standard cutting way – conveying extraordinary comes about to customers who need nothing less. Our greatly prepared visual planners utilize the most recent Photoshop covering Photo Face Masks strategies to uproot foundations from pictures, for example hair or the foliage on trees, bringing about sharp and smooth edges that look reliably expert. Regardless of the possibility that the picture you wish to utilize is situated against the most point by point foundation of dim or angle colors, we can differentiate it from the frontal area picture whilst administering high caliber and a fabulous level of portion. Regardless of the level of blueprint intricacy, our talented design agents can surmount all issues to convey a superlative outcome.

Clipping Path USA (CPUSA) working area
We pride ourselves on acclimating our methodology to the undertaking under control, as opposed to pressing on to apply non specific procedures to a photograph paying little heed to what it is. Each of our talented agents has a specific range of skill and presses on to expand that aptitudes base to guarantee they are an expert of their photo face masks. As being what is indicated, you can rest guaranteed that your picture covering needs will be handled by a quintessential expert with a level of experience unrivalled inside the seaward realistic photo face mask studio segment.

Hair Masking on Transparent Background 2

Client satisfaction of Clipping Path USA (CPUSA)
Working nearly with our customers, we strive to guarantee that the final consequence is the best conceivable photo masking software for the connection in which it will be utilized. Physically veiling pictures is a talented, definite and work serious process – however is surely worth the exertion it requires. Right away, organizations can turn to clipping way CPUSA as smoothly as if they had their own in house plan studio right in their business settings. We have been conveying carefully assembled photo face masks administrations for numerous years and grasp the complexities include.

hair masking 3

Now you are noticing that our image of Before And After content which is just a example for you that you can take this sorts of image masking from us. Image Masking always focus on small object like hair and fur. So we never remove a single hair from main object. We just remove the background from main object.